How to Fix your relationship

How can I Fix my relationship hashtagfamilylaw hashtagmediation
How many times in my 22 plus years of practicing law I have wished my clients would have asked this question.
Marriage counseling is a great tool and used by a good therapist often the answer, but I’ve heard so many times that it just didn’t work. I’ve spent many hours learning conflict resolution skills for party’s going through divorce. What if those same skills were taught to the client long before they landed on my doorstep with a relationship that was now too far gone to salvage? Mediation for family conflict is a new approach that teaches you to recognize how and why you are failing to communicate with your partner or your teenage child and vice versa and then teaches you how to fix it. The process is in itself a teaching and learning opportunity. In an age where approximately half the marriages fail and untold numbers of unwed relationship ships break up, there has to be a better way. Having worked with clients going through divorce the process is gut wrenching and very expensive both emotionally and financially. At Family Mediation & Dispute Resolution we offer an innovative approach to resolving your family conflicts before divorce becomes the only option. Call us 239-353-9988
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Elizabeth Wolt is an AV rated marital and family law attorney. She runs a boutique law firm catering to a select group of clients taking on a low number of cases so she can devote individulaized attention during this difficult transition. Identified as one of the Best and Brightest college Students by USA Today in 1994. Featured in a cover article on May 8, 1997 of the Wall Street Journal. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Undergraduate School- University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology 1994. Graduated Cum Laude from University of Miami School of Law- JD.1997. Named to the list of "Top Lawyers in Florida" by the Legal Network 2013, 2014, & 2015. AV rated by Martindale Hubbel in both ethics and ability. Rated "Excellent" by AVVO Featured in the American Lawyer December 2014
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